A) A renegade Asgard who experimented with abducted humans from Earth. Stopped by Thor and a clone of Jack ONeill
B) A type of Recon Fighter in Decent: FreeSpace
Loki's cloning of O'Neill caused his downfall.
by Major Davis September 13, 2003
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One of the most generic names found in First-Person Shooters (FPS; game genre). If you have this name, you will be asked if you are that loki from this clan or this loki from that clan at least twice a week.

However, out of one of these lokis, there is an elite Korean having a competitive background under the name in Counter-Strike and Call of Duty (CPL-CoD). Affiliations with uhh, avid, Confederacy, thirdvirtue. Has a few paper certs, tech-savvy.
"loki goes rawr"
by Andrew March 04, 2004
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The name of a person who is the funniest person you will ever meet. He/she is intelligent, extroverted and fun to be around. They love to dance, have have a GREAT booty For all you know, they could be a unicorn in disguise. If you ever meet a Loki, be sure to never let them go!
The first person im inviting to my party is Loki.
by loki2169 August 26, 2017
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This guy who steals the Tesseract even though last time he did it he got caught. He is also Thor's adopted brother and Odin killed his real dad. HOW IRONIC. Oh, and he also pretends to die and fakes being Odin. Man, his sceptre is so cool. NOT A EUPHOMISM.
b: OMG THOR HELP!!!!!!!!
via giphy
by laufeyson May 13, 2018
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the oh so powerful lokiThe god of strife and spirit of evil. He artfully contrived the death of Balder, when Odin had forbidden everything that springs “from fire, air, earth, and water” to injure him. The mistletoe not being included was made into an arrow, given to the blind Höder, and shot at random; but it struck the beautiful Balder and killed him. This evil being was subsequently chained to a rock with ten chains, and will so continue till the twilight of the gods appears, when he will break his bonds; then will the heavens disappear, the earth be swallowed up by the sea, fire shall consume the elements, and even Odin, with all his kindred deities, shall perish.
<Loki> aka me, so fuck off.
by Ashli January 03, 2004
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