a Name pronounced like Lo-vey.
Laufey is a lovely person she can always make your day with her dirty mind and hilarious humour a Laufey usually has a pet slug that you learn to love dearly. Laufey is a very pretty person who will boost your confidence and make you smile all the time If you happen to know a Laufey or be fortunate to be best friends with one never let them go overall Laufey are lovely caring people never let one go once you have met them
She’s cute
Yea she’s a Laufey
by ♡ ThatOneGinger August 3, 2019
Laufey is an icelandic girl name. Laufey is a retard that most people hate to hang out with. She eats weird stuff like her own shoes. She loves to wear old dirty clothes and never takes a shower. Laufey rides a scooter to school because she is a fucking retard. Dont ever talk to a girl named Laufey, you will regret it.

Be kind to people but not Laufey.
Hey Laufey, kys.
by XDLOLerino February 2, 2018