Damn all these logangsters don't use the right you're in the comments
by MaxxMemes January 8, 2018
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That one guy in the back of the classroom who always has to go to the bathroom and eats a lot of chips and then says he's a maverick
by that69 February 9, 2018
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A member of the Logan Paul Mafia who wears Maverick merch and will stop at nothing to please their lord, Logan Paul
9 year old: I'm a logangster, look at the maverick merch
by Autistim succ January 6, 2020
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A Logangster is a kid who watches Logan Paul on the daily. 7 out of 10 of these kids is conditioned with some rare disease which can be one of the following, Ligma, Sugma, Eama. These are rare and new diseases that only logangsters are conditioned with.
That kid Jacob has Ligma, is he a logangster
by Reeeeeeeeeeeh August 22, 2018
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logangsters is a sever type of cancer and autism its highly toxic so if you get it you are fucking dead
hey sticky ricky have you heard of the logangsters no what is that the logangsters disease is a type of cancer and autism it is highly toxic
by filthy pranked February 12, 2019
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