Term used to describe the morning after attending a party at a loft and discovering you have been roofied and violated.
by Mr JD December 23, 2009
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To get high on something, usually unintentionally or more than expected.
I got pretty lofted after railing an adderol and chasing it with a beer last night.
by usnuzeuluze September 02, 2010
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to be in a state of boredom
no be lofting - to have nothin' to do
lofting also can be interpreted as relaxing
just bunned and feel like loftin'
fucken sick of this loftin
stop loftin man, lets reach
by blantus_blazah October 26, 2004
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What used to be termed as a 'Studio Apartment' (+/- 400 SF) is now being marketed as 'loft' by real estate people to capitalize on current trends and confuse the buying public that any one room apartment is a 'loft'.
(A REAL loft is a minimum of 1,000+ sf with no walls, but could be divided up into several rooms if so desired.)
"Dude, are you sure this new condo of yours is a loft? It seems like a studio apartment to me: it's like 200 sf, you could only fit your bed in here, every time i move I knock something over, and the ceilings are so low I have to duck just to walk around!"
"OF COURSE it's a LOFT, my real estate agent ASSURED me of this! I mean, I wouldn't have paid $900K for a studio apartment! "
by mmichaell June 18, 2005
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The act of taking Zoloft for recreational use; to get high off Zoloft
Did you see Jessica lofting the other day before school?
by joostin13 September 02, 2008
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A crappy, overpriced, undersized apartment that real-estate agents market as trendy. Frequently located in a crappy ghetto and/or a contaminated former industrial building, facts that the real estate agent also downplays.
Real Estate Agent: Look at these new lofts, priced from $1500/month. They're in a vibrant new neighborhood in a historic landmark building.

Really: A 400 square foot walk-up apartment with a cheap coat of paint hiding the asbestos. Should rent for $500/month, but some sucker is willing to pay $1500. The neighborhood is almost never as nice as the brochures make it out to be.
by Uncle Lance March 19, 2009
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loft, or l.o.f.t, meaning "lack of fucking talent"
Joe: You're suffering from some major loft.
Mike: Yeah, I'm definately lacking.
by SkeetOOO August 09, 2006
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