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The state of being butt hurt. When you're mad as fuck but there's nothing you can do about it. Baitposting is sure to cause asspain.
London Police suffered maximum asspain after trying to track down William from Kensington for illegal hate speech on social media, reaching a dead end when they found out it was Dave from Atlanta.
by Give me the zucc May 28, 2018
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1. Adj - having to do work that usually doesn't make sense and/or results from human incompetence
2. N - Person; usually higher ranking - who refuses cooperate with you or accept your answer when you know the subject matter better than they do; someone that insists on making your job harder
Used both ways:
"The petition was ready to be submitted, but Ms. Asspain insists on having her comments reviewed, even though she sent them to us after the deadline."
"So now we need all new signatures? That process took months, why are we going through this asspain?"

by Dj1s April 06, 2008
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when he goes a bit too hard and your ass is sore.
Alyssa: Damn, Asiana, why is your ass so red?
Asiana: oh, Asher went too hard on me yesterday. He fell in deep. Now I have Ass Pains
Alyssa: oh, I’m sorry! Bet it felt good though.
by A June 01, 2018
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