a purposely alternative way to spell 'lose'. started with a youtuber commenting on "Neocon" a song/intro by punk band "The Offspring" as he wrote the main lyrics for his comment, instead of " We will never 'lose' to you", he wrote "We will never 'lode' to you" unintentionally. just taken as a typo, but I have seen a few others use it too, if more people start using it, it'll become like "pwned"
*playing gears of war*

dude 1: dude, I'm totally kicking ur ass here!

dude 2: rub it in why don't ya *sarcasm*.... *thinking to self: * "oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!!!" ... noooooo

dude 1: haha, oh yeah!!! you lode!!

dude 2: dude what the ****??!! 'load' what???

dude 1: *lowers head and puts hand on forehead disappointedly* "you lose!" mutha f***a!!
by GobFan77 April 14, 2009
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oppersite of a chode long but thin
i dont no what i would like better a chode for its thickness or a lode forits length
by nizzy May 31, 2005
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A way of describing a quantity of something that totally kicks ass. Use like tits or money .

Nothing to do with the gold-find.
Did you see all those chips? It's the damn comstock lode of chips !
by Adam Malone January 30, 2005
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Act of a man with a sterling Prince Albert cumming in a silver spoon and the bitch eat it.
Man, you shoulda seen the Comstock Lode I fed that bitch after we left the bar last night!
by ScottyPhillips February 25, 2011
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