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Small village near Cincinnati. Poor, boring, and... small, Lockland has a school thats in the hole. Once a booming city, everything went to shit when P&G moved. Despite popular belief, its not a land of locks. About 200 or so people live there, and only 10 people have heard of it.
Guy 1: Yea, I live in Lockland.
Guy 2: Where?
Guy 1: Lockland..
Guy 2: A land of locks?
(Guy 1 procceds to stab Guy 2)
by WhiteyMcWhitster April 30, 2005
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MAn This Lockset 513, ja heard nigga we reppin the cincy, the nasti naty up in this peice u come here and u come to lockland and Zone 15 bout 10 seconds away the largest black community in America
(as in example one, but Nigga)

Nigga 1: yo nigga u beefin
Nigga 2: manmnmnnnn watch out cuwzzzz
Nigga 1: whatch yo mommmas fat fucking ass
Nigga 2: WHAT MOTHER FUCKER IMA MERK U OOOOO SHIT NO U DIDNT, UH HU NIGGA U DUN CRUNKED UP (proceeds to pick up phone and dial 513-the-zone, for all you dumb fucks thats 513-843-906)
Nigga 1: shit i aint skerddd
Nigga 2: Shit u bout to get wallhacked zuper pwnt

(bang, bang bang, bang, bang bang bang, bang king, bang bang bang bang)
by Fent Mc Dent PWn jo0 May 02, 2005
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