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A Turd Ambush is a surprise Turd Assault, since the victim doesn't see it coming.
I felt like I had to take a big crap, but it was just a Turd Ambush.
by WhiteyMcWhitster July 4, 2006
A vagina that has an excess amount of pubic hair (pubes). The large amount of hair resembles Chewbacca, a hairy wookie from Star Wars. A Chewbacca Snatch is never a pleasant sight.

If you or anyone you know happens to have a Chewbacca Snatch, please take immediate action by shaving the vaginal area or telling the person to shave the area.
Bob: So how did your date with Susan go?
Charles: Well I was going down on her, but the bitch had a Chewbacca Snatch, so I put her pants back on and walked out the door.
Bob: Brutal.
by WhiteyMcWhitster June 20, 2006
A turd assault is when you go to take a crap, but all that comes out are turds. There is an absence of any long pieces of poop, and only short, round turds are present. Usually dissapointing for any male to experience.
My last toilet visit was just a turd assault. What a rip...
by WhiteyMcWhitster July 4, 2006
Small village near Cincinnati. Poor, boring, and... small, Lockland has a school thats in the hole. Once a booming city, everything went to shit when P&G moved. Despite popular belief, its not a land of locks. About 200 or so people live there, and only 10 people have heard of it.
Guy 1: Yea, I live in Lockland.
Guy 2: Where?
Guy 1: Lockland..
Guy 2: A land of locks?
(Guy 1 procceds to stab Guy 2)
by WhiteyMcWhitster May 1, 2005