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The Lock Legion is a group of macromedia flash animators and patrons of the popular website Newgrounds. The group originally was a parody of the original flash group the Clock Crew, but when Clock Crew moderator Banana Clock was stripped of his moderator priveleges on the Clock Crew's website, he went to the Lock Legion to be given more power and status. Ever since then, those who don't make the cut in the Clock Crew traditionally join the Lock Legion, where the standards of conduct and animation are far lower.

The modern Lock Legion has made it its goal to recieve equal recognition and respect to the group it is a ripoff of, the Clock Crew. They are considered by many to be clock posers, fake clocks trying to steal the limelight from the original Clock Crew.

Much like the Clock Crew, the standard animation style tend to be to animate an object as an avatar for a person, with a lock representing the facial elements, as opposed to the clockface of the clock crew, and to use "tickers" (a moving arrow or a line emanating from the character) to indicate which character is talking in the absense of a mouth. Often times computer generated voices take the place of voice acting in Lock Legion animations as well.

Some facts about the lock legion:

Some notable members of the Lock Legion either for their prominence in the group or for their animating ability are Banana Lock, Coffee Lock, Aubergine Lock, Peach Lock, Trash Lock, Dia Lock, and Cloud Lock (also known as Wonchop.)

The Lock Legion has proven to be quite efficient in the production of music video collaborations, and far more efficient than the Clock Crew in accrediting them to the Lock Legion newgrounds account.

Many Locks are responsible for the creation of various other similar spinoffs, groups that follow the same animation concept as the clock crew and the same principle as the Lock Legion. These spinoffs, like the lock legion, largely consist of newer members (noobs, newbs) that are frustrated by the difficulty of finding respect and recognition within the established hierarchy of the Clock Crew.
"I joined the Clock Crew and asked them on the first day if they would mod me. When they didn't, I joined the Lock Legion."
by Peter Deer September 09, 2006
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Group of Flash animators led by "Banana Lock" that uses objects with keyholes as faces. The Lock Legion was created in defiance of the Clock Crew.
Many Clocks dislike the Lock Legion
by The Zebu September 09, 2003
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A flash group started originally as a joke by the clock crew,a flash group in newgrounds, it has grown greatly since then.
"lock legion PWNS clockcrew anyday of the week."
by boxer lock October 10, 2004
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A Flash group based in wordNewgrounds/word made as a joke and only created to annoy and anger people, but was taken over by a persona that was banned from the wordClock Crew/word website.
Man those Lock Legion people stunk up the portal
by Falconrath August 13, 2003
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The best crew to ever hit earth.
We are not posers, we just want to have some fun. Do not insult the lock legion, it will make baby jesus cry.
I havent seen any movie from the lock legion for a long ass time.
by TrashLock November 20, 2003
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A group of cool flash animators who suck a hell lot less than the clock crew. They are led by the awesome Banana Lock. You can't kill the Locks. They pwn you. They're flashes are funnier and have more effort put into them
BananaLock has the coolest group of flash animators,The Lock Legion
by LimeWire Man January 22, 2007
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A joke by the clockcrew. The lock Legion mainly consisted of members of ClockCrew that wanted to mess around
Hey Leek! I'm Going to Join teh Lock Legion cause it's funnah.
by BroccoliClock August 20, 2003
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