Lmbo is a more appropriate version of Lmao for people who want to kiss their mother with a clean mouth. It stands for "Laughing my butt off", "Laughing my bones off", "Last mountain bird observatory", "Little mister Bobby Opal", or "Lying my behind off".
"Lol u r SO funny"
"Lmbo, I know!"
by Definitions@123 April 3, 2022
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David: Hey I wanna be cool and shop at aeropostale lol

Jose:Do you wanna be like every other cool mexican?

Diane*: Lmbo.

*Originator of the word.
by DianeT June 3, 2010
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Laughing my butt off. A less dramatic version of LMAO.
I fell off the cliff and died.
by Kevin January 19, 2005
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alternate way of expressing extreme laughter, to the extent where ones burca falls from ones head. Not enough for one to 'laugh ones ass off', but enough for a burca to fall.
Sarah - "Tacco Tacco BURRITO!!"
Roxy - "That's so funny LMBO!!"
by ghandishoes June 26, 2010
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lmbo: samething as lmao unless the b is used differently. Ex. lmbo: laugh my boobs off, laugh my balls off or just laugh my butt off
person1:omg i fell down the stairs person2:lmbo
by Independent1011 January 15, 2010
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a healthy alternative to lmao/lmfao to use in schools in case the teacher finds out you're passing notes and reads it to the whole class
claire: I am having my period.
abby: lmbo
by abbydskinnyass January 6, 2009
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Laughing My Butt Off, used in IM conversations.
Pete: Did you hear the joke of the llama and the kangaroo?
Rose: Yeah, I did, lmbo
by Nanda June 29, 2006
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