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Somebody who is from, or has been born and grew up in the Scottish Town of Livingston.
John was born and grew up in Livingston, therefore he considers himself a proud Livingstonian.
by King Ledley July 11, 2010
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A person of British descent, who has put the UK behind hime in politics, and especially residency and culture. The person's heart is in Africa, as was David Livingstone's. Unlike British Africans, they don;t try to build a Europe in the heart of Africa, but have given up Europe. They like Africa for more than just the warm weather, they like it even when it is cold. They love the blacks, and view them, and not the Europeans, as brothers. They would wave the South Africa flag, instead of the British flag. They don't look down on Afrikaaners. They aren't rooinecks. they don't have one foot in Africa, one in the UK.
by kjhj August 29, 2003
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The demonym for a resident of a city named Livingston
people from France are French
people from Germany are German
people from Greece are Greek
people from Livingston are Livingstonians
by applealex September 26, 2009
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