A trite phrase shallow women stencil onto their bedroom walls after seeing a DIY segment on the Rachael Ray Show.
"My life has no true meaning so I'm going to latch onto the phrase Live Laugh Love and pretend that it validates our loveless marriage and under-achieving children - okay honey?"
by McPhd September 6, 2011
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The ultimate universal rules of life.
Cathy: "In order to survive you MUST Live Laugh Love."
by https://YoureARoach.com October 2, 2021
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A garbage mantra typically found on cheap wine glasses, which indicate a lady of a certain age is abusing klonopin and ok with anal.
"Carol's new live, laugh, love coffee mug did not have nearly enough bluebirds or wildflowers on it. LOLs."
by C-El, Esq August 22, 2017
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When a middle-aged white woman askes if you are saved in the name of the only one true God in heaven and then continues to shit talk you to your face. You know this has happened when she says "Oh bless your heart!" and smiles. Preferably only uses essential oils for medicine.
White Woman: Have you been saved yet in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost?
You: No I Haven-
WW: Well that explains a lot

You: Ma'am I-

WW- No, I don't think you should speak sugar, you'll just embarrass yourself. BYE NOW!
You: I think I just got Live Laughed Loved
by deceased pancakes May 20, 2019
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A female; usually between 7 and 9 on the attractiveness scale. A Live Laugh Love Girl creates her own drama (mostly for attention, but sometimes due to sheer stupidity) and then clings unnecessarily to generic new-age Hallmark phrases which inspire a positive outlook on life- though she as an attractive female has no real negative external factors (except for being popular and surrounded by people who want to have sex with her).
Cody: "Tori, I heard you broke up with your boyfriend over the weekend, are you ok?"
Tori: "I'm fine, I need to surround myself with positive people and positive energy. I'm a Live laugh love girl, you know?"
Cody: "Well I'm positive I'd like to give you a good dicking. What's up?"
Tori: "Well I am single after all... come over at nine?"
by Frustrato October 29, 2013
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