A fat person, mainly a fat girl
All I want is a nice skinny girl, but all I'm doing is pulling 2 liters.
by Num9 September 01, 2020
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1. Derived from German ("five liter day"), a phrase describing a the plan to drink at least 5 liters (1.32 gallons / 176 fl oz) of beer on a given day, which is widely considered the perfect amount.

2. May also be used as a verb
1. Kevin: "Guys! 5-Liter-Tag today, ja?"
Everyone: "ok" *starts drinking*

2. Manuel: "Dude, i'm totally gonna 5-liter-tag today, bro!"
Victor: "Oh, sweet. It's lit!"
by oddsmeister March 01, 2019
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The weapon with the longest range of all the Splatoon 2 game. Categorized as a sniper weapon, it takes a long time to charge, but unleashes a powerful linear shot that can kill any player instantly. It is most used by japanese players that want to show to the world their supremacy at aiming like gods. People that are not good enough to use it, which is like 99% of all players, find it cancer, and, as someone said "it makes me wanna throw my switch out the window"
The E-liter 4k scope makes me wanna commit die because I always get killed out of nowhere
by Vadvid July 25, 2020
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haha get it, climax literally…….. get it?
it’s literally death while climax literally.. Do I really need to explain?
by RemandRam December 06, 2021
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When you're trying to feed your slave and he calls you a mean guy
slave-"You is a mean guy yo"

Me-Crummy Liter Number Boppers!
by Tan Tan Da Kid October 12, 2017
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An individual with a sense of personal, social and cultural identity.
Mr Mtashar’s 2018 year 12 Society and Culture class are very socially and culturally literate.
by raysif September 06, 2018
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