lissie is like the greatest girl I know. She's always been there for me. seriously, if anyone thinks differently, than you've got problems.
she totally saved me from getting used by my hot ex.
by Morgan February 24, 2005
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Lissie; see beauty.
Basically she is always the most beautiful person and the world is 200% better with her around.
Omg is that Lissie? She's so beautiful.
by Agent_Cupcake July 20, 2019
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A wacky, funny, silly or insane lesbian.
1. I met a real cute lissy last night, she kept me amused.
2. Ellen Degeneres is a lissy.
3. That lissy is at it again, she'll do anything for a laugh.
4. That lissy is very entertaining.
by thin-Min October 25, 2006
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1. Short term for a wacky, funny, insane or silly lesbian.
Silly+Lesbian= Lissy

2. See Lezzie Lizzie Liz Lizzy

1. That lissy is out of control!

See Lesbo Lez Lezbo Lezzie Liz Lizzie
by thin-min January 09, 2007
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An amazing hot girl no guy wants to lose
"That girl is such a Lissi don't lose her"
by Jenny June 15, 2014
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a name given to extremely good looking girls with big tits and a nice smile.
wow look at her, shes must be a Lissy!
by harry March 15, 2005
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