GZA's 2nd LP, often considered by many to be the best Hip-Hop album by any member of the Wu; even better than 36 chambers. Therefore making it the best Hip-Hop album ever.
Track List:
1. Liquid Swords

2. Duel Of The Iron Mic

3. Living In The World Today

4. Gold

5. Cold World

6. Labels

7. 4th Chamber

8. Shadowboxin'

9. Hell's Wind Staff/Killah Hills 10304

10. Investigative Reports

11. Swordsman

12. I Gotcha Back

13. B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)
by El Barto May 13, 2004
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The most lethal element of The GZA's verbal arsenal. The purest form of lyrical death known to man.
No man that ever saw the liquid sword lived to tell about it.
by Ignatius Strangelove November 14, 2007
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The most severe diarrhea. It burns in almost a piercing manner. Feeling like a liquid sword is coming out your backside.
Dude after this weekend crazy drinking, I’ve got mad liquid swords. Shit kills man, burns like a mofo
by Sergio Garcia February 26, 2008
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When two males piss and make their streams cross.
When i piss next to my friends we always play liquid swords, but it sucks when my shoes get wet and I smell like piss at the bar.
by pecker peeker December 9, 2012
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(n) harsh puke,
After drinkin all night, he had the liquid swords.
by bill December 20, 2002
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