An extremely attractive blonde male who sports long pointy ears and tight green clothes.
Hey! That guy is a total Link!
by Rrr.... November 30, 2007
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What? Link bitchslapped Ganondorf for the umpteenth time today? KEG PARTY AT MY HOUSE!!!
by DarkMillennia August 16, 2003
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The baddest mofo in all of Hyrule.
Guy One: Have you ever heard of the green guy from Zelda?

Guy Two: Dude, Link is THE SHIT.
by pitsi August 24, 2010
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the hero of the "Legend of Zelda" video game series made by Shigeru Miyamoto.
Link chopped up the fools who hate him.
by Dinoras July 20, 2003
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I was on the back nine at the links today when the storm blew in.
by Ruhmwolf November 07, 2004
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A girl which you can consider to be more than a friend to but less than a girlfriend if that makes sense, you may rely on her for sexual or emotional reasons but stil dere are no strings attached therefore at anytime de bond can be broken and either the boy or the girl free to find other links.

A guy might get overprotective towards a link if somehow he gets too emotionally attached to her and finds it harder and harder to see this girl with another guy. Sometimes it may be seen as the guy being in denial becsuse deep down he wants a relationship but he may not know if the girl is wifey-able (reasons may vary)
by TC Ihenacho October 22, 2007
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The main character of Nintendo's "Legend of Zelda", and one of the main fighters in "Super Smash Brothers". This hero also appeared in "Soul Caliber II" for the Gamecube. Link is so versatile in skill, and lovable in attitude that he should be everyone's childhood hero. In Death Battle he even beat Cloud Strife! He's strong and charismatic to other-worldly extents, and no woman would mind baring his child. And let us not forget that he's the most courageous man ever created, he even bares the triforce of courage on his dominate hand to prove it. Named Link because of his ability to link players to the video game, this poor soul is often mistaken to be named Zelda. He's NOT! He is the inspiration for many artists, writers, bands, cosplayers, and even other video game creators. Honestly, there is too much to say about his amazing self to fit in one definition.
"I want to be left handed!"
"Because Link is left-handed!"
by CristalMomoStar August 19, 2012
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