A way for people to enjoy their "loved" music without actually having to buy it, therefore not really supporting their favorite artists. Limewire is to music as a library is to books; a way for people to enjoy but not give back.
Girl: Hey, did you buy Rise Against's new C.D.?
Other Girl: Nah, why give my favorite band more money? I just got a bunch of their new stuff from Limewire!
by Nogarelli WAS here... January 21, 2009
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a javascript based file sharing program that seemingly allows you to pirate any file or software on earth. It also has apparent files of every celebrity who ever existed "getting pranked" wich is a virus in disguise.
"dude, check out limewire, theres a video of arnold schwarzenegger getting pranked"

"man, thats just a virus"

"oh." "well i got a bunch of old music and pc games too."
by jj,...;';. April 23, 2007
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The fastest computer crashing program in the history of all downloads!
Jan: I want to kill my computer, but nothing is working.

Dan: Just download Limewire and it will work quickly and efficiently. It will crash in no time!
by ibidwell October 17, 2008
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A tool that allows you to steal music from your favorite artist's and is like no other in revealing who all the selfish people in the world really are.
Joe: Man I have Limewire and I get all my songs for free!

John: But dude that is stealing, don't you remember "Thou shalt not steal?

Joe: So? Everyone uses it!

John: If everyone was gay would you be gay?

Joe: Douchee
by Critical Acclaim July 10, 2008
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The worst file-sharing program any dumbass can use. its all fun and games (or music) until FUCKIN VIRISUS INVADE YOUR PC. then it blows. hahahha good luck fucker!
bob- "d00d. ur a n00b. i just got limewire. now i have 5,000,000 songs. n00b."

droo- "fuck you. i got virisus for it. it blows a fucker."
by i'm a winner! January 01, 2008
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a way of downloading music ILLEGALLY that is full ads and crappy versions of songs no one's been caught yet but maybe they will be soon
I stopped downloading from Limewire! I found out its ILLEGAL and it took me forever to download a busted song!
by QUEEN KONG June 14, 2006
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