The scene of football fans celebrating a goal wildly with arms flying everywhere.
Did you see the last minute goal? Absolute limbs from the Engalnd fans!
by thebenonator April 14, 2017
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Herb, reefer, pot, bud (cannabis)
"Hey, can you hook me up with some limb?"
by Diversity April 19, 2003
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limb is an acronym for lawls in my bawls
LIMB, he totally ate it!
by Jasmine Tea ◕ ◡ ◕ November 7, 2008
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Laughing in my birthday suit
A slight variation of LOL, LMAO, ect...
Girl text "I cant believe you did that!"
Boy text back "LIMBS! You should have seen her face!"
by pumanator May 8, 2009
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The sensation when one is absolutely fucked and can’t move. Be it from weed, sex, alcohol or exhaustion.
Ben: That phat backwood killed me.
Latisha: Me too, I’m so limb.
by Yandre July 23, 2018
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The action of experiencing the sudden, uncontrollable impulse to violently hit or kick nearby people.
Chloe can't stop kicking Mariyam underneath the desk
Mariyam's legs are now bruised
However Chloe doesn't stop
"Chloe, please stop limbing people." pleaded the teacher.
by TeApOt:) January 1, 2021
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