He can literally do anything, absolutely anything because he's Lillo, his strength is infinite, his speed is infinite, literally everything about Lillo is infinite. He is also infinite more times powerful than God, so he is God.
Look! There's Lillo
by BD15 December 6, 2018
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Worst son ever, thinks he’s superior when he gets scared at females who are just trying to fight with their words
Ugh that kid is such a Justin Lillo !”
by Youngskinny February 13, 2020
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Very fine actor gone astray. See Sopranos, 'R' Xmas etc.
Lillo Brancato can act.
by sevenhn December 14, 2005
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based on a meme from a really cringe italian tv show, you can say it many times to annoy people and make them wanna kill you
"I need to tell you something very important... So Lillo"

"-Are you Mark?
-No, So Lillo"
by Dankest_Josuke December 19, 2021
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Noun. Coolest cat around.

adj. describing someone, or something, of high status, honor, or respect. Used to describe something that is top level in, or of any general category.
Lilo the Lillo, was known and acknowledged in all 9 lands and skies.
by LillotheLion March 10, 2022
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He is a rather unstable type of person, with self-destructive tendencies but with a big heart. Stay with him and you will be safe, put yourself stand against him and you will probably be persecuted for the next few months. Always feed him, but above all do not disturb Lillo who sleeps.
Despite everything is a lovely person
Look be careful, Lillo is coming.
Look at Lillo’s beautiful ass
by Mr.Smokie August 29, 2022
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