What Eddie has...........
When ur fuckin a chick and she says are u in yet and you say, "In???? I already came".
by Don P August 14, 2003
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John: Have you heard of that wack rapper 'Lil Dick'?

Mike: Yeah, his music is so horrible, I'd rather kill myself than listen to his music!
by Tom Barrington June 04, 2011
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Something you call your very best friend. Or the contrary, someone who is a complete asshole.
"You slapped me with some pizza, ya lil' dick!"
by twixytrixy February 25, 2015
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A having a penis smaller than 5 inches. Chaz Dick. A dick smaller than the average.
Romando ,Pike ,Kalonji ,Kamal , Enrique and Davel has a friend name Chaz Williams with a Lil dick. Chaz has a Lil Dick.
by KiddFrost February 17, 2019
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A group of boys who each have small penises, however they all fuck a lot of bitches.
Im lil dick clique until im in a casket.
by Ratthew Cunter June 22, 2017
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An insult pertaining to the stereotype that all Black Men have huge penises. If you're a Lil Dick Nigga, then you have a small dick.

Used when someone is being a little bitch.
Brendon : Yo, we should go see a movie.

Nick : I have a date with my girlfriend today, sorry.

Brendon : AWW you lil dick nigga!
by lolsaucerzsz March 16, 2010
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group of people, usually teenage boys that claim to have a lil dick
“You in the lil dick gang bro?”
by llxyna November 04, 2019
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