Lil red=little red riding hood, lil red riding the whole hood.
A girl that is for the whole hood and mess with everybody.
I seen lil red leaving the trap house you know they ran a train.
by Rice🍚 November 7, 2020
Little red willy - can look like a small red pen top
Guy 1: Look, it's lil red!
Guy 2 : I can't see it
by Jeb O'Fallon August 30, 2010
A neighborhood/gang in East Houston. Denver Harbor is also nicknamed Lil Red. The neighborhood color is red. Gang members sport red clothing like shoes, shirt, shorts, hat, etc. They use the numbers 248 and letters LRC, DH, BDH and wear Houston Rockets sport team clothing.
Say where you from?
Denver Harbor Lil Red
by TheLRC December 22, 2021
Similar to the McGangbang in a sense, more costly tho and found only at Wendy's. Stuff a Baconator with Spicy Chicken sandwich add a layer of fries.McGangbang Calorie count:970
Lil red ho train Calorie count:1680
Bill: Hey man, you down with getting a McGangbang?
Al: Naw man I don't want no dollar menu shit...I just got paid let's get a couple of lil red ho trains.
by Buck Futz April 24, 2009
Lil red is the funniest nd stupid nikka ever , he smart but act dumb. He fine asf nd have a lot of female dat want him , he will nake happy nd smile, one day in life he will date a girl name nana
Damn lil red so fine i wish i was him
by Hayes hunt November 23, 2021