Life points are usually used in games to worry the shit out of you when you only have 1 left (this is if you don't regenerate in the game)
Ps. Regeneration is literally impossible so don't go cutting yourself unless it's on your wrists and down
Life points
Me: ohhhhhh shit I'm screwed because I have 1 life point left and I haven't seen a life pot in about 3 fucking hours
Friend: Lol
Me: shut the fu * dies on game * fuuuuuuuuuuuck sake!
Me: that should do the trick
Friend: l-l-lol *coughs up blood and dies*
by J4V3 July 8, 2017
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Like the term man points, in which you 'get' points for doing something manly. (you dont actually get points that'd be gay)

But in this case it would be for doing something non loserish - self beneficial.

Olly: Im going to stop smoking skunk whilst my exams are on, I should really get on some revision.

Danny: Life points! ++
by AnonymousMundy February 24, 2011
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Describing of a person conducting an act of extreme stupidity which turns a favorable event extremely unfavorable.
Oh my God, you retard! What you did is just like the time when Jeff paid a thousand life points, destroyed everything on the field, drew a Heavy Storm, and lost the game for us.
by Larry Lee January 6, 2008
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A sudden turning point in how things in a category are made due to a revolutionary item created in that category
(Like how half life 1 changed game making)
George Lucas's Star Wars is like The Half Life Point of movie making.
by declandude25_newer May 21, 2022
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