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An asshole who has decided they want to make money by giving life advice and therapy to people without going through any accredited psychological education. Because no training or licensing is necessary, anyone regardless of mental state or wisdom can become a Life Coach. Many people gain the title by attending a few empowerment courses where they do things such as a fire walk, breaking boards in half or a trust fall. This gives them the street cred to begin counseling individuals in matters of relationships, career aspirations, finances, raising children and overcoming adversity.
Did you hear about Brad? He’s decided to leverage his experience of being a heavy drinker and porn addict by becoming a life coach. He’s running it out of his mothers basement.
by ctagge April 19, 2017
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life coach: some one help and inspire others whether at school or work to improve their quality of life and self esteem in life.
life coach: Vijay Pillai has been a life coach al his life.
by ccdc June 19, 2010
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A modern day problem solver using old fashion, time tested wisdom. Jeff Wasserman is the voice of life coaching.

A life coach can help you with your challenges, changes, and future.
by Mr. Motivation November 27, 2011
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