Lidy, really understands your jokes, the type of girl that can be girly but super outgoing. You and her can laugh for hours about anything because of her humor. Lidy's are kind, smart and their personality is just beautiful, they'll mostly be there for you, even if it's just to finish a joke
Her: Hey! Did you meet Lidy yet?

Other guy: sadly not yet
Her: you should soon Lidy is someone worth being friends with.
by Spicy0818 January 21, 2018
LiDi is when one is having simultaneous afflictions of both lice and diarrhea. There is no known correlation or causation between the two, but LiDi is finally the way in which one can succintly describe this painful, itchy time in their life.
Sorry, I can't make it to class today - I have a raging case of LiDi.
by LiDiAwar3ness May 29, 2018
Similar to tidying except the focus is purely on the outward appearance of the area in question, generally to satisfy the irrational requirements of parent or spouse. Excessive filling of cupboards, cramming of stationary into sock draws and placing discarded clothing under mattresses is permitted and even encouraged. Combination of lie and tidying. Often preceded by nagging.
"Mother was giving me quite an ear-full over the state of my room, so I gave it a quick lidying to keep the old girl happy."
by MysteryBob September 12, 2007
a piece of pussy; someone who screams for no reason; a person who is in love with a person named kevin; PERIOD BLOOD; flaps her vagina and she flies
girl: man, a bunch of lidy just trickled down my leg.

man: that lidy flies quite a distance.
by lizzie<3santhony September 1, 2008