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Libtardism n. The distinctive practice (-ism) of been a Libtard (Portmanteau of "liberal" and "retard"). Libtards with compulsive and irreversible stupidity in politics, economics and social issues. Individuals that likes to portray themselves as VICTIMS; that society is UNFAIR, that love FREE stuff, that sees the Government as the ultimate provider for their needs.
In single women, Libtardism is manifested in Government dependency, replacing the natural need for a husband. In men, Libtardism is manifested with overwhelming laziness and hate against the prosperity of others. God and God's principles and morals for life, are absent in Libtardism, even though Libtardism is a cult that worships Nature and in a twisted manner, likes inventing Hoax like “Man made Global Warming”.

Here are some short phrases that defines Libtardism:

“you didn't build that!”
“we’re leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq”
Benghazi was about a movie
“If you like your plan, you can keep it. Period.”
“We Have to Pass the Bill to Find Out What’s In It"
“We need to be more like Disney World”
“unbelievably small, limited kind of effort.”
"three letter word," J-O-B-S
"Uh, I’ve now been in fifty … ss-seven? states. I think one left to go."
With Nancy Pelosi's, Harry Reid's, Al Sharpton's and other Libtard's quotes, you will understand what is Libtardism.
by American Thinker October 21, 2014
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