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A libni is an amazing girl, she’s caring and will always be there to give you on of the best advice....but be careful messing with her because she will put you in check. Don’t mess with her friends or family because she will go after you. But overall she’s sweet and very smart and wise. Everyone deserves a Libni on their life
did you seen libni fight that girl that called her friend a fake? I’m never gonna mess with her now!

Wow who’s that? That’s Libni she’s a very nice and kind girl
by Aviña February 23, 2019
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Tessa: not to much! hbu?
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This is the type of girl who is perfect in every way. She is hilarious, intelligent, beautiful, hard working, trustworthy, athletic, a good listener, savage, down to earth and most importantly herself. Her simple presence is enough to make your whole day better.
Jorge:"did you ask libni out yet"?
Jose:"i was too shy to do it in person so i made an urban dictionary definition to do it for me".
Jorge:"did she say yes"?
Jose:"hopefully, or else i spent all afternoon making this for nothing".
by Jesus368844 November 21, 2015
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A very interesting being you can’t tell what goes on In Her head at all she pretends to like you and builds a friendship and you fall prey to her you think you have a bond but it’s all a set up in reality she just wants to kill time before her execution she is a very intelligent being she is not human at all and will most likely spend her free time binge eating
Libni hi
Libni hi
Libni ❤️
by Ilikecereeeal December 03, 2018
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