An Aussie actor who has pulled off the grand illusion of being good looking, when he is in fact ugly.
Girl 1: OMG! How HOT is Liam Hemsworth!

Girl 2: Don't let the accent fool you, look at his beady eyes, big mouth, big nose, big chin and big mutilated ears.

Girl 1: ...
by someperson82 January 12, 2011
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Miley Cyrus' latest squeeze. This Aussie actor was relatively unknown until he landed a role opposite the Disney tween idol in the Nicholas Sparks movie The Last Song. Will no doubt become a heartthrob for thousands of girls bored with Zac Efron and the Jonas Brothers. Destined to be "that guy, the one Hannah Montana dated."
Girl 1: Hey, do you remember that movie that came out when we were in high school called The Last Song?
Girl 2: Oh, yeah. It had that hot guy in it, what's-his-name.
Girl 1: I know who you're talking about. That guy who dated Hannah Montana for like five minutes. I think his name was Leon something.
Girl 2 (Google searching): Liam Hemsworth!
by Rainbowfish March 22, 2010
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