to do something made - or done by the Tomlinsons. mostly Louis Tomlinson
" listen, forget what they taught you in scouts, Payno, we're doing it The Tommo Way " - Louis Tomlinson
" LOUEH YU IDIOET ! " - The BradFord Bad Boy
by Julianna Seavey July 14, 2018
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the tommo way is a thing louis tomlinson once said

listen,don’t forget what they taught you in scouts, payno were doing it the tommo way. instead of doing it TPWK we’re doing the tommo way.
the tommo way is by the fans of one direction (directioners or clowns called) and boobear a thing they use when someone is rude to them or something they can’t accept. so that means they will then start using rude words , being mean or gonna say whatever they want because someone made them mad/angry
by emilythetpwkkiwiandcherry January 7, 2021
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cringy slang used by louis tomillson stans .
*someone dislikes louis the racist biphobe*
'' whew f*ck tpwk, lets do it the tommo way! '' - obese louis stan
by hyunjinstoenail August 22, 2020
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Louis Tomlinson said "forget what they thought you in scouts Payno, we're doing it tommo way!" And later it broke.

⚠️ It is not the opposite of "treat people with kindness"⚠️
We're doing it tommo way!
by Kevin.tpwk September 29, 2020
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This is the action of using the Tommo way against someone or something.
Little reminder : the Tommo way is solving problems with some sass and sarcasm. You can even use the middle finger.
People 1 : Last night, my friend stole my car keys and left me alone in the shop.

People 2 : Oh no! She Tommo wayed you so bad!
by OneLegend March 25, 2021
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You have the right way, the wrong way and "the Tommo way".

The tommo way is the same as the wrong way, just faster.
Louis: Forget what they thought you in scouts Payno. We are doing it the Tommo way!
Liam: Louis, you idiot!
by Katy Mary June 8, 2020
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The opposite of tpwk (treat people with kindess).
An aggressive yet cute way of doing things.
Derives from the surname of its creator and main user, Louis Tomlinson
*The boys were trying to make a bonfire*
- Louis: "Listen, forget what they taugh you on scouts Payno, we're doing it the Tommo way"

⚠️ WARNING: May result in LOUIS you idiOT
by naiaraft August 10, 2020
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