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Nadsat, a language spoken by Alex DeLarge and his Droogs in the book "A Clockwork Orange", for 'People'.
We viddied those lewdies real horrorshow.
by YourHumbleNarrator March 30, 2009
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One who is obscene sexually; lewd. Can be a dickflinger, over-masturbator, or that asshole jock who tries to pick up plastics. Also lewdie
Man, that lewdy totally just unleashed the junk to seven-year olds.
by agentcodyfranks February 8, 2004
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literally a trap belonging to one and one person only, and he goes by Mr.Vulpine.
why is lewdy so fucking hot.
by lewdy May 19, 2021
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(n) private parts -either male or female, animal or human. Synonym: bits
"My dog's got a dirty lewdie. He needs a bath."
by ADeHoyos July 7, 2005
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A technique used by any asshole Lewdie and involves a play on words to prove they are right in any argument Logic.
Mike is such a prick! He always uses Lewdie Logic in an attempt to prove he is right. What a loser!
by Mike Oxmall March 30, 2006
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