Rimsha is an Arabic name that doesn't have many definitions. Many people believe to mean "beautiful" or "flower" o "gazelle" but in reality it doesn't even matter. You see, a girl named Rimsha, will most definitely be the prettiest girl you will ever see. She'll have the sweetest face, the happiest smile, the softest hair, and she'll have the most beautiful green eyes that you'll ever see.
guy 1: OH snap! Who's that hella cute girl over there?!
guy 2: dude. that's Rimsha. She's the prettiest girl in school...and she's way out of your league!
by CapnJack5462 April 27, 2011
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Noun. Rim-Sha
1. The most beautiful and incredible girl you will meet in your lifetime. The definition of 'Gorgeous.' Boys, I suggest you grab some extra lotion because when you see her, you'll probably need it. She's not only beautiful, smart, funny, social, dynamic, caring, sincere, and dependable, BUT also organized, blessed, honest, loyal, loving, reliable, and cunning. At this point i'm running out of adjectives to describe her.
Boy Two: Who?
Boy One: *Show's Picture*
by SuperBrownie August 05, 2011
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is a gorgeous, introvert girl. She is the true definition of beauty with brain. But don't get allured by her charm as she is pure evil from inside. Once she gets comfortable around you then there is no turning back, she will annoy you for eternity. And remember to not disturb her while she is asleep, that will probably be the last thing you will ever do.
guy1: what was that scream
guy2: I woke Rimsha up from her sleep
guy1: oh man! u should run for your life
by unnu371 September 14, 2019
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The Arabic word for wink
Bob: "What are you doing with your eye?"

Jack: "Dudee i'm trying to Rimsha"
by jumpinjack September 07, 2010
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