A level two guy will be game to giving a guy or strap-on girl a hj, a bj, frot, but is definitely willing to be penetrated with a real or silicone cock.
He's definitely heteroflexible, he's a level two. He and his girlfriend/boyfriend switch it up in bed, he's definitely level two.
by jaguaronprowl June 13, 2011
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Used when a person has segued from one topic to another, seemingly unrelated topic, though a mental leap of which only that person is aware. A reference to the 1981 video game Donkey Kong, where Mario can only jump down to a platform that is one 'level' below him; if he falls too far, he dies.
A: Have you seen the new 370Z?
B: Yeah, I dunno, it looks a little edgy.
C: I learned it by watching you!
A: Wait, what?
B: Yeah, I think you just jumped two levels and died.
by Entroper October 23, 2009
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A piercing slightly above and behind where an earring would normally go. Usually the second piercing on the same ear lobe.
Oh my God, did you see Kaylee's level two earrings? So cute!
by JcBadd February 16, 2021
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