a master mind genius who is a loner that does a lot of heist and has no social life
lester crest: u wanna do a heist
by incognito user May 30, 2020
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The pedophile who lives next door and touches you every morning. He also has fifteen fourteen year old french girls in his basement.
Moe Lester touched me yesterday he told me not to tell anyone.
by CaptainCRAB76 June 08, 2018
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An incredible cool huge black actor who is famous for the office linebacker ''Terry Tate.'' He's also known as Cole Train (Gears of War), Blue (Norbit) and an huge prisoner in Prison Break.
"The pain train's comin'", "Don't bring that weak ass stuff up in this humpy-bumpy" - Quotes from Lester Speight as Terry Tate
by Toreshinbo October 14, 2010
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A greeting, usually given to a new female employee at Lester's Clothing Store, in which the male employees bring the new cashier to the basement, surround her in a circle, and ejaculate onto her.
We gave this girl the biggest Lester's Hello I've ever seen. She ran out of the basement screaming and hasn't been back to work since. I can't wait until we get a new cashier.
by Boombabyboom December 29, 2009
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