THe most baller of operators. Gives free drugs to random military peeps by launching it up their ass
“ Are you baller enough for lesion
by R6skills69 March 15, 2018
An operator in Rainbow Six: Siege. Part of the Hong Kong special police force, he has extreme resilience to toxic chemicals after falling in a oil drum as a child. He is arguably the best solo que operator due to his unique ability, his toxic gu mines, being able to be detected by him through walls. Thus being an excellent way to gain awareness since you have nobody to make callouts. He is also known as Siege’s “Soccer Dad” due to wearing a polo shirt and khaki pants.
Lesion main: Who needs teamates to make callouts when you have a few handy heroin needles?
by WitheringSage July 28, 2018
a region in an organ or tissue which has suffered damage through injury or disease, such as a wound, ulcer, abscess, or tumor.
"thanks to an ulcer that had yet to be removed, my grandpa has a lesion on his liver."
by iwillbiteurknees December 28, 2022
Quit talking like that or you will end up like Lesion.
by Droith July 28, 2021