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A lesbian who is a bean(soft, pure or adorable. someone you want to protect. Or just a lesbian who wants to be called a lesbean)
That lesbean is so adorable
by Phillip Scribbles October 26, 2017
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1. Mr. Bean in lesbian form
2.A lesbian that likes chili
1. Mike has a weird lesbean fetish.
2. Me
by KMB13787 October 29, 2015
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When a straight female consumes a rainbow bean which consists of the following ingredients:
12% Alexis Matteo, Vegan Agar Agar (30%), Homosexual nicorn semen (20%), A granulated and vapourised segement of Judy Garland's DNA (2%), A tooth from the emeciated body of Spongebob Squarepants (5%), A red skittle (1%), The tissue from the heel of Beyonce's first pair of Louboutins (16%) AIDS (12%)

You will be able to purchase a packet of Lesbeans at your local retail stores or good supermarkets such as: Slayyynsburys, Aldi Delano, Mark and Spencer, Walmart, Target and Tes-you go girl.
''You're too gay to function''
''That's because i have been eating these LESBEANS''
by walmartwilly. June 06, 2018
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A lesbian that is addicted to or wears many beanies.
Most of the time could be heavily Pinterest butch.
Could be a femme that is either Not Having Itβ„’ or Tiredβ„’
Goddamnit Zoey! You're being such a fucking lesbean stop shopping at Hot Topic!
by Kismesitude__ May 18, 2018
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When a bean is attracted to another bean they have sex and create little beans inside of eachother the bean that acts as the male is a Ryder bean and the bean that acts as the female bean is a paytone bean and the beans that act as the baby beans are known as Kai beans
We saw lesbeans in Leah’s vagina last night
by By Logan Connolly May 24, 2018
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