a battle scarred female who likes other females. she is the war hero who was away for many years and hails from the country of Les. they call her The Lesbain.
did you hear about The Lesbain? she's so cool!!
by welcomeneo December 5, 2020
a female that's into other female in a dating way
Sierra is lesbain because she dates abigail
by lakaolsb June 21, 2018
A person who is into females and is a female. But most say gay gay is for males that like males
She is lesbain cuz she dates seirra.
by deeznutz_inyomouth May 19, 2015
a funny way to yell at your two female friends in a relationship
by moonfIuff September 12, 2021
A moderately to extremely butch lesbian, i.e. a lesbian who looks somewhat like a man
It seems that many lesbians like to join up with lesbaines given that one acts more like a woman and the other acts more like a man but is still a woman.
by Jacques March 14, 2005
Post surgery male transvestite, who still likes women.
a person who wish's he was a pseudo-lesbainso so he could have sexual-intercourse with a female
Mariah F. Justin D.'s cousin
"Justin D.'s cousin is a Fat Lesbain"
"Yes Mariah is a Fat Lesbian agree with you"
by DimmyJonaldsson March 23, 2022