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Leora stems from the word "Light" in Hebrew. A Leora is a person, generally female, who is unique, adorable, beautiful (and often fairly hot as well), intelligent, caring, and introspective (without being self-absorbed). Leoras always have something insightful to say, and when they talk, people are always interested in hearing their thoughtful comments.
The original meaning of the word is very fitting, as Leoras are also caring people who truly do bring "light" wherever they go. They brighten the days of others with their sense of both humor and fun, and offer a very special friendship. In fact, a Leora is so wonderful, that people can often be overprotective of their relationship with her. This is because they value her friendship to an extremely high degree, and sometimes because they also find a Leora to be exceedingly attractive.
"Oh, did you speak to that Leora?"
"Yeah! And, as always, I learned something interesting. Man, she's so smart...I wish I were that brilliant."

"Dude, have you ever noticed how attractive Leora is?"
"Shut up."
" too??"
"I'm warning you - you'd better drop it."
"Puh-lease don't even kid yourself. She's much more interested in a person like me."
"What, you wanna fight it out?"
"Bring it."
by theJAY_ENN January 18, 2009
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Emo girl who likes to play in puddles.

she beats people up for fun, and is an insane chonga, and likes to shank her friends for money.

She believes that she is a pimp, but doesn't know that she isn't
Let's have a battle right now in the streets! WOAH DONT GO ALL LEORA!
by IAMNOTYOURFRIEND January 02, 2010
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