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Leonor is beautiful on the inside and out. She's generous, kind, friendly, intelligent, caring, funny and posseds many other desirable qualities. Leonor comes from "Leo"; "Lion", which can also be translated as "freedom" and "fire". No one is perfect, but Leonor is closer than anyone of being it.
You're not slightly as perfect as Leonor.
by IAmHappiness13 May 06, 2013
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Leonor is one in a million, a star in our solar system.
She's the sweetest, most humble and intelligent person you'll meet in a long time.
Nobody is like her, she's unique in her own way and you can't take that away from her.
The name itself means Lion in the North and her charisma reflects just that.

That's what makes her attractive
Navid: I was on a date with Leonor and it was the best day of my life.
by DictatorZaboli September 08, 2019
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Pretty awesome girl. Smell hella good and her butt is incredibly attractive. She has a wonderful smile. Very smart, clear-sighted and funny she is the girls that every guys in the world wanna live with. Unfortunately for dudes, like a greek deity her heart belongs to "son chéri" whom she wants to share her life because no one can love her as much as he does.
Léonor represents the beauty and the rarity.
by rastamoumoute September 03, 2011
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She is a hard ass bitch that will kick your ass and call you sally. You think the name is sweet, but she will make you her candy. Now go back to work you fucking useless prick...
Please stop, Leonor stop!
by Urupianga August 06, 2018
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