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Like a Tea Bag, but with a twist. You dip your balls in urine.
(preferably your own!) Then you proceed to put your balls in someones mouth. A lemon Drop!
I gave my girlfriend a Lemon Drop last night.
by J.R. from Chicago May 11, 2011
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A drug named because Lemon Juice is used to extract the DXM out of cough medicine and then placed into pill capsules.
Paul was poppin some Lemon Drops earlier today, now hes out.
by Kaelvin May 28, 2006
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When you're eating pussy and you stumble across a tiny piece of toilet paper that was "left behind".
dude, The last time I ate Karen out, i lapped up some lemon drops. That was the LAST time I ate Karen out.
by Travelin Moose November 03, 2011
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After not taking a shower or bath, working all day in the heat. All sweaty We proceed to teabag your partner watching them with a face expression excactly like a lemondrop in the mouth!? It's a thursday thing here in Louisville kentucky!!! YEP
Hell yea dog, I gave her a lemon drop and you should of seen the look on her face! I Love Thursdays!! YEP
by joemamma and yo daddy October 26, 2011
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After a woman swallows a mans cum, she saves it in her mouth and gives it back to him a half hour later when they are french kissing.
"my boyfriend used to love me because i swallowed...until i gave him the ol lemon drop."
by RawbM February 25, 2003
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Born Christina Placona on August 11, 1988 is a preofessional model, actor, and "Internet Celebrity." Living in Orlando, Florida.

She is noticed by her 'outrageously pink' hair often refferenced to as 'The Living Jem.'
Starting very young as a gymnast, this progressed into modeling for her Dance school. She also was a very accomplished artist, leaving behind oil paints and sketches for hair dyes and razors she went to cosmetology school at 16 and made coloured extensions for friends on her myspace profile.

"I love to do as many things as I can! I get bored and move on to something new!" Stated in High school paper feature.

A former:

Bull Rider, Rodeo Queen, Soup Kitchen Aid, Dancer, Artist, Gymnast, Cheerleader, Cosmetologist, and she doesn't seem to be slowing down.
Now interning at The Hippodrome State Theatre she is working with the costumers.
Maybe a line of clothing is in the near future!
A very caring person she has been involved with The Kiwanis Club starting in middle school with the local Circle K Club and throughout high school she was an Officer of Key Club. Constantly working with several charities such as : UNICEFF, Ronald McDonald House, Senoir facilities, March of Dimes, and Working with younger children as a Big Sister and Tutor to elementary students.
Constantly traveling to New York and LA for minor roles is fashion shoots and amatuer films. She has noted on the later that she would like to pursue acting as her fulltime career.

After overcoming a potentially fatal diagnoses of anorexia, she has been more focused on reaching out toward the younger generation to help whomever she can to also beat and stay away from this terrible disease.

Expanding on the above subject, most of her fanbase consists of 14-18 year old girls and guys, mainly of the "scene and hipster crowd." She has never labeled herself, which is actually one of the few things she prides herself on, as answered in the Q & A section of her blog. She believes that she has an original style that she has never seen in anyone before, though she admits it has been attempted to be replicated many times before. Thus she finds it interesting and bemusing herself that the majority of her followers are from a certain "label" and often backlash or hate sites can be found from her reputation as "wannabe scene queen."

As of the past few months, she rarely logs on anymore, though it has been widely circulated that she always tries to reply back to any messages and comments, no matter how vast the amount. She is trying to focus on her modeling, acting, and fashion career, but will never forget her roots and the online forums and sites that she started and rose from.
OMG... have you heard of Le'Mon Drop from myspace?</b>
by CakeMonsterx May 26, 2009
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when you are dumped relatively soon after you start dating someone, usually during the first date, because it is suspected you are defective
see lemon law
5 minutes into the date Steve had to lemon drop that woman he met online. She looked like she was about to break down before she even got to the parking lot.
by indsey December 06, 2011
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