Like a Tea Bag, but with a twist. You dip your balls in urine.
(preferably your own!) Then you proceed to put your balls in someones mouth. A lemon Drop!
I gave my girlfriend a Lemon Drop last night.
by J.R. from Chicago May 11, 2011
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Prior to recieving head from a girl you discretetly dip your nuts in some lemon juice and give that skank a sour surprise.
The other niight my girl said she we wanted us to spice up our love life so i slammed her with a lemon drop and then i proceded to give her the donkey punch.
by Nasy Brett December 17, 2003
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A drug named because Lemon Juice is used to extract the DXM out of cough medicine and then placed into pill capsules.
Paul was poppin some Lemon Drops earlier today, now hes out.
by Kaelvin May 29, 2006
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When you're eating pussy and you stumble across a tiny piece of toilet paper that was "left behind".
dude, The last time I ate Karen out, i lapped up some lemon drops. That was the LAST time I ate Karen out.
by Travelin Moose November 4, 2011
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After not taking a shower or bath, working all day in the heat. All sweaty We proceed to teabag your partner watching them with a face expression excactly like a lemondrop in the mouth!? It's a thursday thing here in Louisville kentucky!!! YEP
Hell yea dog, I gave her a lemon drop and you should of seen the look on her face! I Love Thursdays!! YEP
by joemamma and yo daddy October 26, 2011
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After a woman swallows a mans cum, she saves it in her mouth and gives it back to him a half hour later when they are french kissing.
"my boyfriend used to love me because i swallowed...until i gave him the ol lemon drop."
by RawbM February 26, 2003
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