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A pretty decent guy, though he can be pretty creepy a times. He has a good taste in video games, youtubers, and he is very tall for his age. He might also be homosexual, but its fine.
"Lelend" is cool person.
by Ihavecancer boi February 13, 2018
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Lelend is a guy that is a dick. He spend most of his days on fortnite and breaking the rules. he tends to not care about his moms feelings and does a shitty job with animals. he sometimes tries youtube but his career isn’t exactly taking off as expected. he doesn’t know his twins apart and tried piano sometimes eh and sometime ew. non-the-less he has a big booty and a good turkey.
Lelend is just a bad guy...usually. but he sure is attractive.
by babbydaddisisters July 17, 2018
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