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1 To Make a clumsy, retarted, or otherwise ungracefull move
2 To hyperventalate while laughing
3 to talk with food in your mouth
After she layed down on a strawberry, she was called a leib the rest of the night.


The math joke was so funny, Hannah started leibing.
by Kittykatmeow45654 May 30, 2009
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An accidental, yet graceful (i.e. not resulting in injuries), cross of two penises usually resulting in a sonic pulse of awesomeness.
Our full length mirror broke when my bro and I were totally having a helicoptering contest and leibed all over the place.

"Wow Bro! Leib!!!!" - Two bros as they mushroom stamp and teabag their brah at the same time

I tried putting on another wristwatch and just ended up with leib
by Sentimental Cruelty July 17, 2011
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