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This girl is the kind of girl that will take your whole heart. Beautiful, smart, funny, and kind. She's the rocker, rapper, motocross-rider type of girl. She sees the world as a new track for her to conquer, taking each whoop and triple like she lives to ride and rides to live. She has green eyes like a forest, a smile like sunshine, a voice like the ocean washing up against the rocks during high tide, and a laugh like wind blowing through the leaves as they change in autumn. Leea blows out all the candles other girls try to hold to her. She's the real thing. Love never knew a home like is in my heart for this girl.
"You may want the wifey type, but I want a Leea!"
by rainbowgirl({[]}) September 28, 2011
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On the outside she's a beautiful fun out going daredevil. Her beautiful dark brown eyes are filled with innocence mixed with the face of an angel. On the inside she has personality of a dreamer and her smile hides more pain than you could imagine.
She's the girl you secretly love.
by Crushing on Leea May 10, 2014
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Leea is the girl all guys want but never get a chance to know it. She is kind, funny, smart, beautiful, strong, athletic, caring, loving, amazing girl. She will smile the most beautiful smile no matter how broken she is inside. She would die for any of her friends without a thought. She is an angel sent from heaven. She's been through many twist and turns but she'll get where she needs to be.
"who is that girl over there? She is nice, funny, and her smile... Wow!"
"Is she beautiful?"

"Of course she is!"
"She must be Leea!"
by HHHMORGS February 15, 2014
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A 5 star chick. The wifey type. the girl you dont want to mess with unless you want to get beat. this is a type of girl you want by your side for life because she'll stick with you til the end. shes a beautiful, sexy independent chick who likes to have fun.
i want a girl like selena !" "haha go ahead, Leea is way better
by beavah_queen16 July 26, 2011
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