Adjective derived from the surname of mixed martial arts fighter Chris Leben to describe someone or something of inconceivable toughness.
Randy got trampled by a herd of thirty-seven ferocious elephants; and then that LEBEN son of a gun got up and proceeded to punch every elephant in the mouth.
by Mike MacLellan Esq. February 20, 2005
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If anyone has played Wolfenstein 3D, you know what it is.

Nazi SS Soldier: Schutzstaffel! (Protection Squad)

After shooting the SS Soldier: Mein Leben! (My life)
by Hig Hen September 19, 2008
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It's life etc. in German
(Always written with capital L since nouns work that way in German)
"Ich bin am Leben"
I am alive

"Ich lebe"
I live

"Ich hasse das Leben"
I hate (the) life
by Gay™Shota May 9, 2018
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