a VERY down to earth, chill girl. she may be your neighbor, the girl who you can tell everything to, or maybe even the one who might have to put you in your place from time to time.

either way, LeLe is definately the most awesome, amazing, spectacular, sweet, funny, outspoken, dramatic person you know.
she;s that forever type friend <3
Where's the most awesome, amazing, spectacular, sweet, funny, outspoken, dramatic person I know....where did i put that LeLe?!
by lelesoa7 February 3, 2010
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A nickname for someone who has a last name Le,which isnt pronounced Lee its really pronounced L-ey
Hey LeLe!
Whats up LeLe?!
by Mimi Le April 14, 2008
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A Nigerian slang that means no malice, no problem or no worries
Dude: You angry with me for not coming in time?
Friend: No lele brother
by koboko September 15, 2015
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Contrary to other definitions above and below this one Lele is a Bulgarian interjection also used in Macedonia. It means: Alas, Oh, Oh no, Oh my God, wow.
It has also been used much longer than 2006.
Lele, izglezhdash dnes mnogo dobre!
- Wow, you look really good today!
by Chalga database January 21, 2021
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Lelee Is a VERY down to earth queen. Who doesn’t take shit from people who is not confident. Also is a charm and could care less what people have to say. You can tell a Lelee anything and she would never tell your business.

She will be the one to put you back in your place, if you doing wrong. She is a very dramatic person, but very outspoken. If you need a laugh, Lelee is the one to put a smile on your face. She might even make you smile from ear to ear!
Lelee is the best thing to ever happen to you, if you meet a Lelee keep her.
by User5721 January 30, 2020
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She is definitely the most awesome, amazing, sweet, funny, outspoken, remarkable person I know. Also she is My Best Friend.
Lele is a great friend to have.
by MANAIC7 January 15, 2012
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Lele is the prettiest, no sexiest human being to live on earth. Her curves are to die for.

Other than just beauty, she is funny, compatible, welcoming and really friendly, but dont take advantage of this because she wont stand for shit that doesnt make her happy.

If you ever have a lele in your life you are sure to be entertained and you will never be bored with the amount of colour she brings to your life.
by Bangtantrashh July 16, 2018
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