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A guy named Lazaro is a guy who's very intellectual, handsome, cute, funny, dedicated, inspiring & outgoing. Typically Lazaro is a Mexican but it can also be a Cuban. Lazaro is also very hot and is said to have an enormous dick. Lazaro can also be emotional which is a downside, but it's a small downside. He typically has a high-paying job & aspires to be in politics despite what many people will think. And he's also very good in school. Also, ladies, date a guy named Lazaro and you will not forget it or regret it. He'll probably be the best guy you'll ever possibly date.
Cuban Lazaro intellectual handsome cute funny dedicated inspiring smart outgoing
by #Bam November 07, 2012
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A man that thinks he is Rico Suave. His personality is bigger than his dick. A player of all players. A legend in his own mind. He will make you feel special to start with and will sour over time.
Stay away from Lazaro. He does what he wants, when he wants...
by Georgia girl at heart March 17, 2017
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a greek pimp who goes by the name of "the lazzinator"
Man that lazzinator is HOTT!
by Anonymous June 15, 2003
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Lazarus (Heb. Elʿāzār Eleazar "one God has helped") is the name of two separate characters mentioned in the New Testament. The more famous one is the subject of the miracle recounted only in , in which Jesus raises him from the dead. The other appears uniquely in Jesus' parable of Lazarus and Dives recorded in .
"Lázaro, levántate y anda" - "Lazarus, get up and walk"
by Mr Spain February 04, 2010
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A Hot Greek kid who can beat anyone up, he is muscular and good looking wih amazing hair, if u meet a lazaros you better be their friend or you will regret it.
I ment a lazaros :D

NO WAY your so lucky!
by TheCrispyCookie July 24, 2015
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A blonde and black haired child who looks pissed all the time and enjoys people staring at him
Lazaro is so retarded.
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