the word layover desribes a male or female that is only suitable as a fuck buddy while searching for one who meets the standards of boyfriend or girlfriend.
That chick is a total layover.
He was just a layover.
I need to find a layover.
by Katie and Lindsey December 14, 2007
To fart whilst walking along and then coming to a halt, the stench one is met with that hasn't quite escaped ones pants.
friend A to friend B walking down the street.

"Whoo I just let one go, I wouldnt wanna be the person behind us now, it was a real eggy rumpster!"

Friend B to friend A as that stop 5 meters later.

"Jeez you werent kiddin I just got a hefty waft of layover"
by Da Real JZ March 14, 2009
A drip coffee with an espresso shot, topped with steamed milk.
Red Eye Au Lait....

Term coined by Aurora Oz at Farleys Coffee in SF.
I missed my red eye to LA, looks like I'll have to order myself a layover to get through this one!
by Danosexual January 22, 2017
Sexing followed by sleeping over, followed by More morning lovin'
-sometimes followed with the making of a sammich
I ran into an acquaintance who had moved away but was back to visit for the weekend. Turns out sparks flew, and the flight had a couple Layovers.
by the real Diabolical February 12, 2015
when a flight attendant spends the night with you, normally involving sexual interaction.
Have you had a layover with that trolley dolly from Qantas recently?
by speedoxxx March 17, 2007
Quick, anonymous sex in a airport restroom, public park, or other semi-public place while en route to another location. Usually practiced by gay men.
That Minneapolis Layover really fucked up Senator Larry Craig's career.
by jodabo September 3, 2007
Brief, non-committed (usually sexual) relationship based on very short visits, i.e. layovers
Hey, I'm flying through DC, you ready for some layover lovin'?
by NYCSteve September 26, 2009