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(n.) Similar to gurgling sound made with the mouth, but made by the anus when air is being released simultaneously with the excretion of a wet substance.
I had too many cashews, and now I've got the BUTT GURGLES!

The BUTT GURGLES are spitting something greasy out of my ass, and now I see oily, orange globules floating in the toilet bowl.
by MoGyver December 29, 2011
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While the term "cracka'" (or "cracker") is used to describe someone who is "white trash," RICE CRACKA' is its Asian counterpart, a.k.a., "yellow trash."
My dad is a RICE CRACKA'. When I was growing up, he'd sit around in his wife beater and boxers, drinking cans of Bud, yelling obscenities and blaming the white man for his troubles...
by MoGyver December 11, 2011
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A metaphor describing a life in limbo, where a person feels in-between two worlds.
(ex. #1) I don't feel like I belong anywhere...I'm living a LAYOVER LIFE.

(ex. #2) This LAYOVER LIFE feels like my own rendition of Dante's Purgatory.
by MoGyver September 26, 2011
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The scene in which one dabbles. Combination of "dabble" + "tableau." (pl. - DABBLEAUX)
I'm diggin' this DABBLEAU...this eclectic mix of people and visualscapes wells over with dizzying inspiration.
by MoGyver September 11, 2011
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(n.) Commonly referred to as a "nap."

Going to sleep for a relatively brief amount of time, as when you want to take away a bit of weariness from your mind and body. Not as refreshing as a full night of rest, but like an edible snack, it takes the edge off of your "hunger" for rest.

Ideal if the SLUMBER SNACK completes a full sleep cycle (~90 min.), for optimal refreshedness.
After pulling yesterday's all-nighter, I could seriously use a SLUMBER SNACK. My eyelids are about to drop shut, and I just need it to stave off drowsiness for a few hours, so I can finish my project before the 10am deadline!
by MoGyver January 03, 2012
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When someone loves hearing the sound of their own voice, and that person's idea of a conversation is actually a soliloquy or monologue...and simply won't STFU.
Steve appeared to be blissful and aloof, oblivious to the bored and vexed faces of his companions, as he listened to the wall of sound exiting his mouth in yet another round of aural masturbation.
by MoGyver April 08, 2016
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