Packing a bong with layers of weed, kief, weed and then top it off with kief as the ~frosting~
by Brainfried January 11, 2021
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Doing the “layer cake” consists of stacking one woman on top of another and positioning yourself behind them to alternate fucking one and then the other in the ass.
Want to come over tonight and make a layer cake out of me and Angela?
by Dreibb November 11, 2021
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The act of several people excreting in a enemy or rival's toilet.The (multiple) excretions are continuous and are,at no point until completely finished, to be flushed. Instead, 'layers' are only separated by toilet paper. The end result - which,incidentally, can be expanded by 'icing' or 'finishing touches'- should resemble a (multi)layer cake.
Benny: Hey?!! WTF someone flushed away the layer cake.

Connor: Dont worry. Lets layercake bührers bathroom tommorow again when he is not at home, so the smell can spread.

Sameer: Homeboys, ya layer caking again?
by coldrocked October 2, 2009
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The end result of taking half a dump, wiping prematurely, then dropping the rest of your deuce, and wiping again.
Bro, I think I just clogged your toilet.
I guess your apartment's weak ass pipes couldn't handle the layer cake I just unloaded in there.
by Birdamus December 3, 2013
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Layer cake, A term describing the violent and dark layers of the organised crime world.
Welcome to the layer cake (the criminal world) - Quote taken from the brit gangster flick 'LAYER CAKE'
by Matthew Harrison September 29, 2004
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Noun. An expansion of the muffin top. A layer cake refers to both the roll of flesh bulging over tight fitting pants as well as the roll, or layer, of fatty flesh created by a tight fitting bra. The combination of fleshy rolls create a layered effect, ergo, the layer cake. While a muffin top can be sported by a woman of any size, a layer cake is a label generally attributed to larger women.
That woman's layer cake is jiggling whilst riding on the back of that motorcycle.
by KingConyers September 8, 2009
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The end result of a collection of persons defecating in the same toilet without flushing, or indeed putting the loo roll in said toilet, in which the effort of a group creates a fantastic art piece the family or indeed friends can enjoy.
Come on Jim squeeze 1 out, with your effort we'll have created the perfect layer cake!
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