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Taking time off work or school to travel somewhere for the sole purpose of hooking up with some booty
Wow work is really stressin me out, I totally need to go on a Laycation and visit my girls in Toronto and New York!
by cbantli January 19, 2009
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Defines what one does after being laid off from work. Actions are determined how much cash, credit or the size of a buy-out package.
A Laycation can include but not be limited to:
1)Going to live in your parents basement to read the compendium of Mad Magazine until market conditions improve. (ie. No cash flow)
2)A bike tour through Mexico.(ie. enough cash flow)
3) Going to live in Provence, France to hone your culinary skills and relax. (ie. Lots of cash)
by Gimlet Swiller December 31, 2008
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Stop what you're doing; lay around and do nuthin'.

Taking a vacation by staying home and doing nothing.
Quit cleaning the house, chillax and take a laycation.
by Fleurelle August 17, 2006
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