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Generally Italian, comes from a very wealthy family and everywhere she goes people fall in love with her. She is probably the most beautiful person you will ever meet and she certainly will make a mark on your life. A Lavinia is always loved by everyone, in a friend or girlfriend type way. She is easy to talk to and exrtemly talented at making friends. She is the social butterfly of the group and a leader. Everyone either is jelous or wants to be her, and a lot of people look up to her. Even though she seems perfect she is a little mean and if you cross her you will be played and eventually destroyed. She is usually a very complex person and is very selctive. Just always be on her good side and you will be fine. A Lavinia isn't very inocent either, she will do things no one expects; But doesn't kiss and tell. Really good at keep secrets and in my eyes in amazing girlfriend.
That Lavinia girl is so amazing and perfect
by Cameron2234 February 25, 2018
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Lavinia is the hottest Visi grl to walk this plantet all guyz want her but to bad i have her she dominates at beer pong and we get drunk everyday together but never in school of course i wont leave ya unless sum1 hotter (which is hard 2 find) comes along ya ma grl 4 life!
Guy1: Dam tht fine piece of ass came from Visi i gatta tap tht shes soo seductive ill take her candy shopp and let her lick ma lolipop anyday

That grl is soo lavinia its orgasmic
by Burt March 12, 2005
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A fucking bitch with usually green eyes and yucky dark hair. Name originates from Italy so probs from there. Pretty slutty. Not common but still avoid at all costs. They like to populate around Brooklyn area!!!
Girl 1: oh my god, did you see that new girl?
Girl 2: yeah, I think her name is Lavinia.
Girl 3: oh her! Yeah she's a fucking slut. Little European bitch.
Girl 1: yeah haha! She thinks the guys think she's hot. They really reckon she looks like a chubby version of my ass hole!
by Lil miss NJ March 10, 2013
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